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How to Clean an RV

The cold weather is rolling in and your RV is probably experiencing the aftermath of fun, but messy road trips. Before you pack in the camper for the season, it’s important that you give it a thorough cleaning. From the kitchenette to the bathroom, refresh any part of your RV with these cleaning tips!

RV driving on snowy road

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Whether you’re at home or in your RV, kitchen cleaning is a similar process. However, in an RV kitchenette, you’re dealing with a much smaller space so it’s easy to get overwhelmed with clutter and kitchen supplies overflowing. To make your space tidy, look into these tips on RV kitchen organization! 

  • Over-the-Door Storage - While it may not look like you have enough storage space, with a little creativity you can add ample room for your kitchen supplies. Hangers and baskets that are placed over the tops of cabinet doors are a great way to create more storage. Use these hooks to store items like paper towels, bags, and other cleaning supplies.
  • Install Baskets or Hangers - Using command strips, utilize the entirety of your cabinets by installing baskets, hangers, and even light-weight shelves. Every inch and corner matters, so make sure you’re using all the space you can.
  • Install Magnets - Creating space is a cinch by getting crafty and using wall-mounted magnets. This can be used to organize your knife set, cutting boards, or even your spices!
  • Compact Kitchenware - Another key to adding storage space is making sure your kitchenware is easy to store. Look for products that easily stack and condense like matching Tupperware sets. You can also look for special, collapsible kitchenware like tea kettlescolanders, and bowls to make room.
Woman opening a drawer in a small RV kitchenette

RV Carpet Cleaning

Food and drinks combined with bumpy terrain can be a disaster for your RV flooring, not to mention all the foot traffic from busy weekends. Keep your carpet in tip-top condition with these tips on RV carpet cleaning!

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance cleaning is essential to keep your RV carpet as fresh and clean as possible. This includes regularly vacuuming with a handheld vacuum and cleaning up spills right away. It’s also a best practice to use a placemat in your RV to keep as much surface-level dirt away from your interior carpet as you can. Finally, for an added layer of protection, apply protectants to your carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

For sudden accidents on the road, be prepared to clean up fast! Have white microfiber towels on hand and blot the stain. Next, mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap and 2 cups of water as a DIY carpet cleaner to apply to the stain. Blot up and repeat until the stain is lifted! We recommend keeping your DIY carpet cleaning solution in a bottle on hand. Or, keeping Stanley Steemer Spot Remover in your RV is an easy fix to any on-the-road mess.

Professional RV Carpet Cleaning

People think of carpet in RVs as a hassle, but with our professional cleaning, you can prolong the life and condition of your RV flooring. Schedule an RV interior detail with Stanley Steemer to remove all the dirt and debris that was dragged in during your road-tripping adventures. We even clean other hard surfaces such as wood, engineered wood, laminate, LVT and linoleum if your RV has different flooring.

RV living space showing the kitchenette to the side and seating. Wood paneling are the walls.

RV Upholstery Cleaning

Sitting for long durations can do a number on your RV upholstery. Sweat, dirt, and dander can get packed in which doesn’t make anyone a happy camper. Below are ways to clean and maintain your vehicle upholstery:

Fabric Upholstery

Before you do any cleaning to your fabric, be sure to read the manufacturer’s label before washing or applying cleaning agents. Some RV upholstery fabrics contain fire and stain retardant which can cause color fading or shrinking. Other tips include:

  • Vacuum Regularly - Regularly vacuuming helps alleviate the amount of dust and grime that gets caked into the fabric. 
  • Wash Removable Cushions - If you have any removable camper cushion covers, wash them on a delicate cycle to freshen them up.
  • Deodorize - Unwanted odors can be a pain when you just want to relax in your RV. Always have deodorizing sprays on hand especially pet odor eliminators for extra strength. We also have a specialized Odor Out Plus spray to neutralize foul smells. If these don’t do the trick, consider calling the pros. Stanley Steemer removes odors at the source rather than covering them up, so you’re back to fresh-scented upholstery! 

Leather Upholstery

  • Vacuum Regularly - As mentioned before, regularly vacuuming helps alleviate dust and grime that gets caked into the fabric.
  • DIY Leather Cleaning - For leather upholstery, create a DIY cleaner by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. Then using a microfiber towel, wipe down the leather seats and dry with a clean towel. Next, condition your leather by mixing one part vinegar with two parts flaxseed oil. Use a soft cloth and apply the mixture in circular motions. Leave overnight and in the morning, buff your couch with a rag to restore shine!
  • Professional Leather Cleaning - Your RV leather seating could use more TLC than just a DIY cleaning. At Stanley Steemer, our technicians remove dirt and soil from leather. Additionally, we go the extra mile when it comes to moisturizing. By heating your leather upholstery, we open up its pores so it’ll soak in more moisturizer. This leaves your leather feeling softer and helps it last longer!
RV seats surrounding a small table

How to Clean RV Toilet

One of the most used parts of any RV is the bathroom. With frequent use, cleaning and disinfecting your RV bathroom is a standard process just like it is in your home. However, cleaning an RV toilet is a bit different. It requires more care and attention to detail to ensure you’re using safe products. For a safe clean for your latrine, check out these tips:

  • Don’t Use Bleach - Putting bleach and other harsh chemicals in your RV toilet can damage the waste tank attached to the toilet. Also, combining chemicals and flushing them down the toilet is also extremely dangerous. Doing this can lead to gases forming in the waste tank and could create an explosion.
  • Use Gentle Cleaners - Since bleach can be harmful to your toilet, use gentle cleaners that won’t cause damage. Cleaners specifically-designed for campers also contain tank boosting microbial cleaners. This helps break down mineral deposits and helps treat your waste tank.
  • Avoid Standard Plastic-Bristle Brushes - Gentleness is the name of the game for RV toilet cleaning. Avoid using standard plastic-bristle brushes for that matter on your toilet. These types of brushes are too abrasive and leave your toilet with scratches and scrapes. Sponges and dish scrubbers are good alternatives. Since these cleaning supplies are gentle on glassware and dishes, they’ll also be gentle on your toilet!
  • Use Light-Weight Toilet Paper - Never use the same double or triple-ply toilet paper you use at home in your RV. Make sure you buy extra-dissolvable toilet paper that is recommended for campers and RVs!
  • Close the Vent Before Flushing - One final tidbit is to close your RV vent before flushing. While vents are great for airing out smells, if you flush with the vent open, you’re actually having the vent breathe in all the odors coming from your toilet. Yuck! Close before you flush and keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Looking to refresh and renew your RV after road trip season? We come to YOU, so you don’t have to travel another inch! Call to find participating locations near you.

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