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New Year's Resolution Cleaning List

Start the new year clean! A new years resolution idea can be a simple as keeping your home clean and free dirt and clutter. Here’s a new year’s resolution list for 10 things to clean to start your new year with a fresh home.


Brown house covered in snow


New Year Cleaning List:

  1. Clean out drawers and cabinets.

  2. The depths of drawers and cabinets can be easy to ignore, make sure to remove everything out and wipe out collected dust and dirt.

  3. Dust ceilings and fans.

  4. When you’re not using your ceiling fans, air stays stagnate and dust collects more easily on your fans and ceilings. Dust all those hard-to-reach places with a microfiber duster.

  5. Wash drapes and curtains.

  6. Dirt and dust easily gather in drapes and curtains, wash them to start 2019 clean. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the best wash.

  7. Wash or replace shower curtains.

  8. Shower curtains trap humid air and moisture, make sure to check for any possible mildew or mold growth. It’s important to wash them regularly or start the year out with new!

  9. Clean area rugs.

  10. Rugs trap dirt, dust and allergens in high traffic areas, getting them professionally cleaned will remove those contaminants and improve the look of the area rug. Not sure what kind of rugs you have in your house or how to clean them? Find how to identify and clean area rugs here.

  11. Wash out trash cans.

  12. After the holidays, it’s a must to start off the new year with clean trash cans. Wash them with hot water and mild dish soap to get them fresh!

  13. Clean garbage disposal.

  14. After lots of food from the holidays, it’s a good idea remove all smells from 2018 - clean your garbage disposal with lemon and baking soda.

  15. Move large furniture and sweep or vacuum underneath.

  16. Make sure to clean all the hard-to-reach places by moving furniture and sweeping or vacuuming. Remove all dust bunnies for 2019.

  17. Sort and toss mail.

  18. Remove counter top or desktop clutter and start the new year fresh by figuring out what mail you need to keep, what can be shredded and what subscriptions you may no longer need.

  19. Clean upholstered furniture.

Your furniture is the second largest air filter in your home, it’s important to get your upholstery professionally cleaned to ensure the life of your furniture and to get the deep dirt out.

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