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Fall in Love With Your Home

Remember that feeling when you first moved into your home? Whether it was move-in ready or needed some renovating, you were excited to spruce it up and make it your own. But as some time has passed, you may have lost that lovin’ feeling and your home could be looking more stale and less fresh. That’s why we want to inspire you to fall in love with where you live again with tips to refresh and revamp your home. From decor tips to pro tips and maintenance tips, discover ways you can add some love back into any room in the house!

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Stone house surrounded by yellow, red, and brown leaves

Dazzle Up Your Dining Room

Your dining room is a special place dedicated to entertaining and hosting friends and family. If your dining room is looking dull, here are some tips to reclaim this space and dazzle your guests!

Decor Tip: Accent Your Wall! - Accenting one wall in your dining room is an easy way to add flair and fun back into this room. This can easily be done with a fresh coat of paint using a statement color that stands out amongst the rest of your walls. If you want to get even more creative, look into patterned wallpaper. Putting up wallpaper on one of your walls makes this project much easier and makes for bold design. Peel and stick wallpaper is also available for this low-maintenance revamp!

Pro Tip: Restore Your Hardwood and Beware of Multi-Purpose Cleaners! - Multi-purpose cleaners can make hardwood floor cleaning feel like a cinch all while getting bang for your buck. Unfortunately, if you’ve been using all-in-one cleaners you could be causing damage to your floors. Some products leave residue or coatings that often attract or trap soil on the floor surface. Also, various quick-coating solutions promise a shine but don’t truly restore the condition of the floor. Instead, prolong the quality of your hardwood with a professional clean. Our technicians carefully inspect your floor and apply specifically-designed products based on necessity and purpose. Our deep clean will flush floors from damaging soils and residues to maintain the hardwood’s ideal performance for a restorative clean. 

Maintenance Tip: Weekly Upkeep is Key! - The dining room is not typically used everyday which makes it not top of mind to regularly clean. Despite what you think, weekly upkeep is key so dust and dander don’t pile up. Check out these quick maintenance tips to keep your dining room shining. 

  • Dust regularly with a microfiber cloth and always work from the top of the room with light fixtures and cabinet tops down to the bottom of the room. This ensures that any dust moving around will still get swept up when you finish off with the floor!
  • Don’t forget to dust EVERYWHERE! This includes the inside of drawers as well as any photographs or artwork in the room.
  • On the lightest setting and using a brush attachment, vacuum the drapes and dust the blinds!
  • Remember to never place hot dishes directly onto your dining room table. Natural cork trivets help protect against heat damage!
  • For larger parties where accidents become more prevalent, placemats and tablecloths are your friend and can help shield your table from messes.
Dining Room focused on table and hardwood floors

Brighten Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. If your room adds more chaos than stress relief to your life, it’s time to change it up and create a space that helps you relax. 

Decor Tip: Add Character With Area Rugs! - Whether you layer over hardwood or carpet, area rugs are a fun way to bring your style and personality to your bedroom. From cool-tone rugs to warm tone rugs, this will be a personalized statement piece that also adds a level of comfort to the room. Don’t stray away from white wool or shag rugs if that fits your mood. We’ve got the skills and expertise to clean and protect your area rug!

Pro Tip: Get a Mattress Makeover - The focal point of any bedroom is the bed, of course! It can be expensive to replace an entire mattress especially if you have a larger-sized bed. Instead of replacing, renew! Professional mattress cleaning removes skin cells, sweat, and disinfects to give you a truly refreshing sleep. In addition, get rid of old linens and comforters for a fresh style. You can also find inexpensive mattress pads for extra support.

Maintenance Tip: Stay Clean and Stay Organized - A single mess in a bedroom can spread like wildfire. Staying organized helps stop the mess from overflowing to the rest of the room. Here are ways to stay clean and stay organized in your bedroom!

  • Color coordinating clothes helps you stay on top of putting shirts and dresses back in a routine spot. You can also look into buying shoe racks and space-saving hangers to optimize your closet size.
  • Follow the 2-year rule for clothes and donate any you haven’t worn in over two years (and have no sentimental value) to a local charity!
  • Regularly wash your sheets and pillowcases to remove surface-level dust and mites.
  • Vacuum your room frequently. Also, make it a focus to vacuum around your furniture and especially around your bed frame which is a harbor for dust mites.  
  • Use a microfiber towel to dust your blinds, headboard, and furniture!
Plain mattress on a bedframe

Colorize Your Kitchen

With cooking and cleaning, staying on top of your kitchen can be overwhelming. But with a little restyling, you can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed when you go to cook dinner in your updated space. Love your kitchen again with these crafty ways to bring new color and flavor back in this room!

Decor Tip: Reupholster Chairs and Repaint Cabinets! - Whether you tack on one or both of these projects, reupholstering chairs and repainting cabinets are great DIYs to spice up your kitchen. Reupholstering chairs offers a world of possibilities with a variety of different colored and patterned fabric to match your style. Additionally, repainting cabinets completely transforms the look of your kitchen. From a modern white repaint to a sleek blue finish, this DIY will revive your cabinets into a contemporary design.

Pro Tip: Renew with Recoloring! - Are your grout lines looking dull and worn down? Color sealing your grout lines will have them looking like new and helps to prolong the life and quality of your flooring. While tile & grout cleaning and recoloring are by no means cheap, it does avoid the inconvenience and pricey burden of investing in brand new tile floors.

Comparing the cheaper cost of tile cleaning and color seal versus the costly expense of buying new tile floor

Maintenance Tip: Don’t Miss An Inch! -  It’s easy to forget to clean the unseen areas of the kitchen like garbage disposals and the insides of microwaves. Getting down to the nitty-gritty of kitchen cleaning will make the phrase “a clean place is a happy place” ring true. 

  • Disinfect your sponges with antibacterial soap. You can also simply toss in the dishwasher.
  • Clean out your refrigerator of expired food and wipe down the inside of spills and spots.
  • Clean your trash can with rubber gloves and disinfectant. Additionally, deodorize the trash can to get rid of lingering odors.  
  • Declutter by pitching old kitchenware that isn’t frequently used or gets overused
  • Reorganize with strategic storage like mounted kitchenware and cabinet organizers!



Liven Up Your Living Room

The living room is the perfect setting for relaxation when you watch your favorite show or excitement when you watch your favorite team. But time spent lounging and not so much cleaning or refreshing can take a toll on this space. Bring life back to your living room and liven it up with these tips! 

Decor Tip: Make the Room POP! - Neutral colored side tables and couches are ideal for functionality, but it can also leave a living room with no personality. Add pops of color to the room with small accessories and furniture items such as throw pillows and blankets, curtains, lamps, picture frames, etc.! 

Pro Tip: Refresh Your Carpet and Upholstery - Aside from single-mess cleaning, it can be an afterthought to fully clean your carpet and upholstery from corner to corner. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is essential to remove household allergens, dirt, and dander that’s trapped below the surface. Not to mention, getting rid of spots and messes will have your carpet looking brand new! For a full refresh, add protectant and deodorizer to give your living room the protection and freshening up it needs. 

Maintenance Tip: Make Time for Home Health! - The living room gets its fair share of use which you know means it needs a fair share of cleaning. If you want to fall in love with your home again, you have to make sure you’re putting love into home health and maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your living room in its best shape.

  • We can’t express it enough how important it is to regularly vacuum your living room. Vacuuming helps prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting packed into the microfibers of your couches and carpet. 
  • Damp dust upholstery periodically with non-damaging cleaning solutions. Remember to check the manufacturer’s label beforehand! 
  • When cleaning spills on your upholstery, avoid over-application of moisture and aggressive chemicals.
  • Dust the ceiling and the fan blades, lamps, bookshelves, and other knick-knacks in the room.
  • Clean your doormats from time to time. It can be as simple as shaking off the dust outside. Either way, it’s important to make sure people aren’t tracking dirt and outside contaminants into your home.
  • Don’t forget to clean off vent covers! Our vent systems house a ton of dirt and dust, and this dust can actually end up coating over our carpets and flooring.
Living Room with warm hues showing the couches, coffee table, and window

Beautify Your Bathroom

Bathrooms mean privacy, but more importantly, being comfortable. Redecorating and updating your bathroom creates a more comfortable atmosphere for you and your home. Check out these tips on how to bedeck your bathroom.

Decor Tip: All About the Details! - It’s all about the little details in your bathroom. If your bathroom needs a quick touch up, look into replacing vanity lighting and drawer handles for a modern look. New design elements are sure to show how small changes can make a big difference in the feel of your bathroom. Explore other ways you can refresh your bathroom!

Pro Tip: Flush Out Your Vents and Air Ducts! - With your bathroom exhaust vent in mind, vent and air duct cleaning benefit your entire home. Thinking about all the bacteria that live in our bathrooms, it’s even scarier thinking about that bacteria getting filtered throughout our home from the bathroom vent. Getting your air ducts cleaned helps remove allergens like dust and dander. Stanley Steemer can even install a specialized UV light in your vents to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses and illnesses. 

Maintenance Tip: Rotate Your Weekly Chores! - Cleaning the bathroom is never a fun task, but with proper planning and tips, you can at least make it more manageable. Cover your bases and follow these bathroom cleaning tips:

  • Rotate your weekly chores! For harder to clean areas like the toilet and shower, rotate every other week when you clean them. This helps with dividing bathroom cleaning into smaller, more manageable tasks rather than cleaning them all at once.
  • Redo your caulking around your shower and tub when it starts to get moldy! Some people simply bleach over the mold, but this doesn’t solve the problem. Redoing caulking is necessary to completely rid your bathroom of mold and mildew buildup.
  • Clean off your showerhead and keep them unclogged from mineral deposits.
  • Naturally, clean your toilet by making your own toilet cleaning bomb! This is a quick DIY that also quickly freshens up the bathroom.


Want to fall back in love with your home? Refresh and renew your hardwood, carpet, upholstery, mattress, air duct and more by calling 1-800-STEEMER or scheduling online now

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