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29 Ways to Make the Most of Leap Day

What’s better than an extra 24 hours? How about making the most of it! We’re here with 29 ways to make the most of leap day by accomplishing much-needed cleaning tasks. Of course, it’s not about completing everything listed but tackling a few that you may have put off. Read the list by room and get inspired to make the day meaningful!

Text: How to Make the Most of Leap Day
  • From watching your team or your favorite show, the living room is always a source of fun. This also means it's a source of messes. Get your room back in order with these cleaning to do’s!

    1. Clean Your Couch - Cleaning your couch is a must after frequent wear and tear. Make sure you use the proper cleaning method by checking the manufacturing tag first. This lets you know what cleaning agents are safe to use on your couch. Unsure where to go from there? Check out our guide on how to clean a couch here. For quick cleaning, check out these videos below:
    2. Clean Your Walls - If your walls could talk, they may say they’re due for a clean! Cleaning a wall can be as simple as grabbing some dish soap and water. For an easy tutorial, check our video on how to clean a wall!
    3. Clean Your TV - Don’t let a dusty TV damper your watch party! Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth for a safe clean. To see how it’s done, go here!
    4. Dust, Polish, Vacuum - Give your room the ultimate refresh by dusting, polishing and vacuuming! Always dust from top to bottom in the room so you can vacuum up any missed dust. Does your room have any silver or brass decor? Try these cleaning tips below.
    5. Decompress with Yoga - After getting your space fresh and tidy, decompress with yoga! No better way to unwind from a cleaning session than with mindful stretching. You can also always get creative and exercise while you clean!
  • With different surfaces and appliances, it’s no wonder the kitchen seems to always be ready for a cleaning. Knock out these chores and feel accomplished after a job well done. 

    1. Clean Out Fridge and Pantry - It’s easy to forget to pitch expired food and snacks. Reclaim the space by checking expiration dates and throwing away what’s no longer good. After throwing away what you can, reorganize to maximize space! For organizing made simple, go one shelf or drawer at a time and group like items together.
    2. Clean Your Coffee Pot - While there might not be time to clean before work, make the most of the extra day by cleaning your coffee pot! Watch here for how to clean a coffee pot.
    3. Clean and Season Cast Iron Skillet - Reseasoning and cleaning your cast iron skillet is easier than it seems. Clean it out first with steel wool and some water. Next, cover with oil and bake for 1-2 hours. 
    4. Clean Your Cutting Board - Sometimes the dishwasher isn’t enough to clean off stains from your cutting board. Look at this easy peasy lemon squeezy trick for getting out stains.
    5. Clean Your Crockpot - Crockpots always have caked on food. To get them nicely clean, fill your crockpot with water then add ½ cup of vinegar. Next, slowly add baking soda to the mix. Set to low for 1-4 hours. After, dump the water and scrub clean!
    6. Try a New Recipe - Once you have your cast iron skillet, cutting boards and crockpot clean, reward yourself by trying a new recipe. Make the most out of leap day with a sweet feast of choice.
  • A person’s bedroom is their own private oasis. Keeping it clean helps with the overall feel of the room and your comfort. 

    1. Wash All Linens - First things first, strip the bed and wash your linens! Nothing is better than fresh sheets and you can knock out other cleaning while the washer and dryer run.
    2. Clean Your Mattress - Don’t just clean the sheets. Clean your mattress too! Vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Then, sprinkle baking soda over to help get rid of odors. After 10-15 minutes, vacuum up all the baking soda. For mattress cleaning and more bedroom cleaning, watch our tips here.
    3. Organize & Give - Everyone needs all the closet space they can get. Sort through clothes and give away anything you haven’t worn in over a year to charity! Organize the rest by season or color.
    4. Deodorize Shoes - Making sure your shoes are fresh can also help keep your room fresh. Just like for your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda in your gym shoes and leave overnight. Then, shake them out in the morning for deodorized shoes.
    5. Clean Your Humidifier - Breathe easy and clean your humidifier. First, empty the basin and rinse the filters. Then wipe down the outside with equal parts of water and vinegar. Finally, fill the tank with equal parts of water and vinegar, let sit for several hours, and rinse the tank! 
    6. Take a Power Nap - Now that your bedroom is freshened up and clean, take that power nap you deserve! 
  • Not the most pleasant place to clean, but always needed! Bring your bathroom the fresh feel it needs with our tips and tricks.

    1. DIY Toilet Freshener - For a fun way to freshen your toilet, make a DIY toilet freshener. Mix 1 cup baking soda with ¼ citric acid and 1 tablespoon of dish soap into ice trays. Pack them in and let them harden. Then drop into your toilet!
    2. Clean Tile and Grout - Start by vacuuming your floors. Then, use a neutral cleaning solution to clean like our professional grade tile and grout cleaner! It removes tough dirt from your tile floors safely and gently. For a DIY method on grout cleaning, watch our tip here.
    3. Clean Soap Dispenser - To clean your soap dispenser with a metal pump, flush the pump with warm water and a little bit of vinegar. Toothpicks are also useful for wiggling out stubborn clogs. 
    4. Clean Shower and Tub - Spray mildew-fighting solutions onto shower and tub and let them sit while you clean other areas of the bathroom. This helps give the cleaner time to dissolve oils, soap scum, and mildew. You can also use old toothbrushes for smaller spaces. Remember to never mix ammonia and bleach together while cleaning.
    5. Wash Your Shower Curtain - It can be easy to forget, but use leap day to wash your shower curtain. Nylon shower curtains are machine washable. If your curtain isn’t machine washable, just use warm water and biological detergent. This is a laundry detergent that has enzymes that are effective at breaking down dirt!
    6. Take a Hot Bath - After scrubbing down the bathroom (and make sure all cleaning agents are amply rinsed off), warm up to a relaxing bubble bath! Set the mood with calming music and candles.
  • Of course, there’s more to a home than the rooms mentioned. For inspiration in other areas of the home, we got you covered with these suggestions!

    1. Make DIY Cleaning Products - Cleaning products don’t always have to be store-bought. Use common household supplies to keep your home pristine. Try out these DIY cleaners below.
    2. Clean Dryer Vents - You should clean your dryer vents about once a year. Why not use the extra day to get the job done? Learn how with our guide on how to clean dryer vents.
    3. Clean Your Washing Machine - While detergent is clean, it can leave a soap residue that can get locked inside your washing machine and create a thin film that traps bacteria. This bacteria can clog the machine and make for a lackluster clean. Run 1 cup of vinegar and run a hot cycle! Watch how it’s done here
    4. Clean off Your Computer - Don’t let your computer go uncleaned! Use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe down your keyboard. Then, use a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol to wipe down the monitor.
    5. Disinfect Light Switches, Handles, and Doorknobs - Say goodbye to germs and hello to clean! For a quick-hitting task, go around the home and disinfect all light switches, handles, and doorknobs. 
    6. Seize the Day - No matter what you decide to do, make the most of leap day and make it your own! Time well spent is never time wasted.
Want a clean house, but don’t want to spend the day cleaning it yourself? Have us do it! 
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