Microfiber Couch & Furniture Cleaning

With its stain-resistant durability, microfiber furniture is a top pick amongst households. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore cleaning! Everyday living between kids, pets, and accidents still takes a toll on your microfiber especially since this upholstery naturally can attract more oils. With the proper care and routine cleaning, you can help your furniture last even longer while maintaining a clean, refreshed look.

At Stanley Steemer, we clean and treat microfiber to do just that! With specialized training, our technicians provide a trusted, safer clean that DIY methods can’t match. From microfiber couches to loveseats and sectionals, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right. Schedule 24/7 online under Upholstery Cleaning and enjoy the comfort of microfiber for years to come.

  • Microfiber Inspection

    Clean microfiber couch near coffee table
    • Microfiber furniture is susceptible to spills and spots

      Microfiber couches are often made from polyester. Polyester is oleophilic which means it attracts oils easily, especially those from pets and people. Despite its durability, microfiber often shows moisture-related rings from previous spot cleaning, perspiration, and spills.

    • Inspections to pinpoint best cleaning method

      We always begin with a thorough inspection to assess the presence of potential problem areas and determine the correct cleaning method for the upholstery. Microfiber can be cleaned with a range of methods depending on its level of soiling.

  • Microfiber Cleaning

    Technician cleaning microfiber couch
    • Treat spots and problem areas on microfiber

      For microfiber furniture cleaning, our technicians use an array of products for treatment of various soil types and treat problem areas with professional spotting agents.

    • Remove soil and clean all areas of microfiber

      From general hot water extraction to the application of upholstery shampoos, our cleaning methods will help suspend unwanted soils to remove spots and spills.

  • Microfiber Protector & Deodorizer

    Close up of clean microfiber couch
    • Apply protector to repel against future spills and soils

      We carefully flush the fabric and prepare the piece for safe protector application. Since polyester attracts and absorbs oily soils, microfiber should be protected after cleaning. Our protector keeps dirt from sticking onto your microfiber and protects it against everyday soils like pet and human body oils, drinks, etc. This helps extend the life of your couch and maintain its prime condition.

    • Deodorize to remove odors and freshen microfiber

      Just like for protector, we make sure your microfiber is safe for the application of deodorizer. This coating helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria by working deep within the fabric and eliminating the food source that the bacteria feed on. It neutralizes odors at the source all while providing a pleasant fragrance on your microfiber.


What to Expect from Our Microfiber Cleaning

  1. To start, we'll inspect microfiber furniture assessing general soil level, wear & tear, and any other areas of concern. Our technicians can also explain our cleaning process to you and answer any questions.
  2. From there, our technicians determine the next best steps for cleaning microfiber and test cleaners before use. This ensures we use a proven method that’s safe and thorough.
  3. Next, we use gentle cleaning agents and equipment to remove dirt, dander, fur, and other soil.
  4. When cleaning is complete, we can also apply protector and deodorizer to your furniture at an additional fee.
  5. Once finished, our technicians will do a final inspection to make sure you are satisfied with the results. When we leave, your technician can inform you of applicable drying times and proper care instructions following your services.
Teal microfiber couch in clean living room


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