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natural stone cleaning

Natural stone is very porous, which means these surfaces absorb stains and spills just like carpet. We understand the complexities of cleaning natural stone and use a delicate touch to clean and preserve these floors. A properly maintained and sealed stone floor will look better and last longer. Let us protect your investment with our steam cleaning to help you minimize damage and restore the luster to your natural stone surfaces.
    • Our Stone Cleaning Process

      First we scrub grout lines with a pre-spray. Then we extract dirt and grime from the stone using a high-pressure rotary wand. Finally, our 3-step polishing process uses a series of buffer pads to polish your stone, removing etching and light scratches.

    • Attention to Detail

      There are some places our buffer can’t reach. Our technicians will hand-polish these hard-to-reach areas of your stone floors, ensuring your entire floor looks great.

    • Free Natural Stone Cleaning Demonstration

      We offer in-home demonstrations of our stone cleaning process so you can see it for yourself before you book a cleaning.

  • Stanley Steemer technician applying sealant to natural stone floors.
    • Stain Resistant Natural Stone

      An application of Stanley Steemer’s clear sealant or color sealant protects your stone and creates a stain-resistant surface.

    • A Protective Barrier

      Natural stone is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Applying a sealant creates a protective barrier, making it easier to clean up spills before they soak in.

    • Restore Grout Color or Change it Completely

      If your grout has deep, stubborn stains, we recommend our premium color sealant to restore it to a uniform color while offering all the benefits of our clear sealant. You can even choose a completely new color to transform the look of an entire room.

  • Area rug laying on a natural stone floor next to a staircase.
    • Use the Right Stone Cleaners

      Avoid household cleaners that contain vinegar or acidic agents, which can damage your natural stone floors.

    • Mats in High-Traffic Areas

      Cover high-traffic areas of your stone with floor mats to protect from dirt and damaging debris.

    • Immediate Cleanup

      If you spill on your natural stone, wipe it up quickly before it can be absorbed into the pores of your stone.

what to expect from our
stone cleaning service

  1. Before We Show Up

    Once you’ve scheduled a stone cleaning, your job is almost done. We’ll handle moving most pieces of furniture. We only ask that you remove fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned and that you secure your pets.

  2. Our Iconic Yellow Van Arrives

    Upon arrival, we’ll inspect the rooms to be cleaned, and discuss the whole stone cleaning process with you. Then, after carefully moving your furniture, it’s time to begin cleaning.


  3. Now For the Fun Part

    We’ll scrub the surface to release contaminants before using our rotary wand, which forces hot water and cleaning solution deep into the pores of your stone. Then our vacuum equipment extracts all the dirt and allergens. Next, we polish your floor to remove light scratches and add a beautiful sheen. Finally we’ll apply a sealant if you would like. Afterward, we’ll put your furniture back exactly where we found it.

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Before leaving, we’ll complete a final inspection to make sure you’re happy with your stone floors. Any sealants will need 30 minutes to dry before walking on them and 24 hours to cure completely.

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