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clean and protect your hardwood floors

Our hardwood floor cleaning process starts with a high-speed rotary brush and proprietary cleaning solution that extracts the dirt and contaminants trapped in the wood. Then our experts follow up with a detailed hand cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas and restore the pH balance to your floor with a professional-grade wood cleaner.

But it doesn’t end there. You have the option to add our maintenance coat solution for a uniform sheen that helps to extend the life of your floor. A certified asthma & allergy friendly® hardwood cleaning from Stanley Steemer removes an average of 96% of common household allergens.

    • Our Equipment

      Our gentle, high-speed scrubber and pH-balanced cleaning solution reaches tough dirt and contaminants. Squeegees trap the dirt, and a powerful vacuum extracts it.

    • Attention to Detail

      Our trained technicians perform a detailed hand cleaning for hard-to-reach areas.

    • Remove Dirt, Allergens and More

      We’ll leave your hardwood floor cleaner and remove an average of 96% of common household allergens.

    • Extend the Life of Your Cleaning

      After your hardwood floors are cleaned, you have the option to apply our fast-drying maintenance coat.

    • pH-Balanced Cleaning Solution

      Our cleaning solution has a neutral pH, so it’s hardwood friendly.

    • Prevent Refinishing

      With regular cleanings and application of our maintenance coat, you’ll get more mileage out of your floors before refinishing is required.

    • Maintain Your Floors

      Our maintenance kit gives you the tools you need to care for your floor between professional cleanings. Our products have a neutral pH, unlike many store-bought products that are unsafe for your hardwood.

    • Protect Hardwood With Rugs

      Use indoor/outdoor mats at entryways and cover high-traffic areas with rugs, but be sure to avoid rubber-backed rugs or rugs with poor ventilation.

    • Stanley Steemer Hardwood Floor Cleaner

      Our cleaner shines and protects hardwood and laminate floors. It removes grease, dirt and scuff marks without leaving any dulling residue.

what to expect

  1. Before We Show Up

    Once you’ve scheduled a cleaning, your job is almost done. We’ll handle moving most pieces of furniture. We only ask that you remove fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned and that you secure your pets. If your dog or cat runs away, it may never get to enjoy your newly cleaned home.

  2. Our Iconic Yellow Van Arrives

    Upon arrival, we’ll inspect the rooms to be cleaned and discuss the whole process with you. Our technicians will identify the type of flooring and choose the best solution accordingly. After carefully moving your furniture, it’s time to begin cleaning.

  3. Now for the Fun Part

    We’ll clean designated areas with our gentle, high-speed scrubber and pH-balanced cleaning solution. This combo allows us to reach tough dirt and contaminants. Squeegees trap the dirt, and a powerful vacuum extracts it, removing it from your home entirely.

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Before leaving, we’ll complete a final inspection to make sure you’re happy. By the time we leave, your floors will be dry and ready to walk on.

frequently asked questions

now that your hardwoods are cleaner than ever

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