Floor Cleaning Services

Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all help to maintain clean floors, but only at the surface level. To keep your floors truly clean, allergen-free, and looking like new, we recommend professional floor cleaning.

At Stanley Steemer, we offer a variety of floor cleaning services using patented cleaning equipment and methods. Often mistaken for floor steam cleaning, our hot water extraction processes go deep within fibers and grooves to remove dirt, dust, allergens, and more. With customized approaches, we deliver a safe, powerful clean for your home and for your business.

What We Clean

While our name is originally known for carpet, we go beyond to provide all kinds of floor cleaning services for your home and business. Whether for hard surfaces like hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, or soft surfaces like carpet and rugs, we have the expertise to clean it all. With specialized training, our technicians can accurately identify your flooring to ensure the safest cleaning methods are used. We also use pH-neutral floor cleaners that are safer and gentler on even the most sensitive surfaces like natural stone. Paired with our equipped vans, Stanley Steemer is your one-stop shop for carpet and floor cleaning. Here are our services detailed below:

    • Identify Wood and Inspect for Pre-existing Conditions

      Our expert technicians can identify and clean a variety of hardwood floors including engineered wood, laminate, LVT, linoleum, and VCT. With special attention to detail, we also inspect any problem areas that need extra care. 

    • Deep Clean and Extract Contaminants from Hardwood

      While mops simply push contaminants around, our high-speed scrubber actually extracts embedded dirt and allergens from hard floors. Combined with our pH-balanced solutions, we clean safely and powerfully.

    • Finish with a Maintenance Coat for Lasting Protection

      After we deep clean, we can finish off with a maintenance coat*. We offer a satin maintenance coat designed to leave a uniform layer of protection. We also have a gloss maintenance coat that leaves a light-reflective finish on wood flooring.

      *Only offered at select locations for an additional fee. Call for details.

    • Determine Best Cleaning Method with Tile and Grout Inspection

      Man-made tile floors are often confused with natural stone, so our technicians are trained to spot the difference and identify your floor type. We can safely clean tile like porcelain and ceramic.

    • Deep Tile Cleaning to Extract Dirt and Embedded Grime

      We utilize a combination of high-pressure water and a rotary vacuum system to thoroughly clean and rinse tile & grout. Backed by data, our tile & grout cleaning even removes an average of 96.5% of common household allergens.

    • Grout Sealant for Protection and a Revived Look

      We offer clear grout sealing and color grout sealing. Both are penetrating sealants that soak into grout lines and provide protection against future messes. With color sealant, we create a uniform look to grout lines and make floors look like new at a fraction of the cost.

    • Gently and Deeply Clean Precious Stone Floors

      Our technicians can identify and clean natural stone including travertine, marble, limestone, slate, granite, flagstone, concrete, terrazzo, and Saltillo. We use a high-pressure rotary wand to diligently extract dirt and grime helping to preserve the life and beauty of your precious stone floors.

    • Polish Stone Floors and Make Them Shine

      Our stone floor cleaning finishes with a 3-step polishing process. Our cleaning system uses a series of buffer pads to polish your stone. This helps remove etching and light scratches. For hard-to-reach spaces, our technicians provide extra care and hand polish.

    • Grout Sealant to Protect and Restore Uniform Color

      Just like for tile, we offer clear grout sealing and color grout sealing. Both are penetrating sealants that provide added protection against future spills. With color sealant, we transform your grout lines to create a uniform look that makes them like new. 

    • Remove Dirt and Allergens with Our Patented Equipment

      We clean carpet through hot water extraction. We pump pressurized water into your carpet and extract it out with our cleaning wands to powerfully remove dirt and debris. Our cleaning solutions are EPA Safer Choice certified, so no harmful residue is left behind -- meaning it's safer for your family and pets.

    • Protect Against Future Mishaps

      We offer protector to add an extra line of defense to your carpet. This makes clean up easier by helping repel against future spills and extending the life of your carpet. We recommend this if you have carpet that tends to naturally attract soil like polyester.

    • Refresh and Deodorize Odors at the Source

      We offer a deodorizer that helps destroy odor-causing bacteria embedded in carpet fibers. This leaves you with fresher carpet by neutralizing odors from pets, kids, and everyday living.

    • Convenient In-Home Rug Cleaning

      Our in-home cleaning provides the deep clean and attention-to-detail that your area rugs need. Our technicians are sure to protect hardwood & other floor surfaces surrounding your rug during the cleaning process. We can also add a protector and deodorizer to extend the rug's longevity.

    • Specialized Off-Site Rug Cleaning

      We offer expert rug cleaning for fine area rugs including oriental rugs, Persian rugs, wool rugs, and more. We provide diligent spot cleaning, odor removal and even can help with delicate fringe or loose strands. When finished, our technicians hang dry rugs in a climate-controlled environment.


What to Expect from Our Floor Cleaning

  1. Before your floor cleaning, we only ask that you remove fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned and that you secure any pets. We’ll handle moving most pieces of furniture.
  2. When we arrive, we'll inspect the floors to be cleaned assessing the general condition and any areas of concern. Our technicians will also explain our entire process with you. Then, after carefully moving your furniture, we'll start cleaning.
  3. We clean floors using our signature hot-water extraction process and/or other pressurized water cleaning methods. Our powerful floor cleaning safely removes embedded dirt, dust and other grime.
  4. Depending on your floor cleaning services, we can apply sealants, maintenance coats, deodorizers and protectants as requested. After, we’ll put your furniture back exactly where we found it.
  5. To wrap up, we'll complete a final inspection to ensure you're happy. When we leave, your technician will inform you on applicable drying times and proper care instructions following your services.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

When looking for floor cleaning companies, Stanley Steemer is your Partner in Clean™! We offer our same trusted cleaning services at the commercial level. With over 75 years in the cleaning industry, we have the equipment and expertise to keep your business cleaner and healthier. We’re also insured and bonded to further protect your capital investment.

For more information, visit our commercial floor cleaning page or begin scheduling your free, zero-obligation estimate.

Our commercial carpet cleaning uses proprietary hot-water extraction process to achieve the best results possible


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