Retirement Home Cleaning Services

Having your retirement facility professionally cleaned fosters a senior community that's happy and healthy.

We know the difference a clean, living space can make to the well-being of residents. With retirement home cleaning from Stanley Steemer, you’ll have a refreshed, renewed facility that’s safe for seniors and their pets. We offer services such as air duct cleaning, area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning.

How to Get a Retirement Facility Cleaning Quote

To start, we always provide a free on-site estimate to evaluate the scale and needs of your retirement community. This allows us to give the most accurate quote with no obligation to you. If you’re looking to schedule an estimate, you can contact us 24/7 by phone at 1-800-STEEMER to coordinate a date to meet at your facility. You can also complete our online form fill below and select a preferred date for us to provide your free quote.

Depending on the size of your retirement home, we may offer estimates and cleaning on the same day. 

  • Nursing home bedroom with laminate floors and upholstered furniture

    Retirement Home Cleaning

    Our technicians can custom clean your retirement facility or nursing home such as:

    • Floors in dining areas, resident rooms, living quarters, kitchens, lobbies, communal areas, bathrooms, etc.
    • Upholstered furniture made of fabric, leather, and pleather, etc.
    • Mattresses in residents’ rooms
    • Spot treat carpet for everyday spills and accidents
    • Protect and/or deodorize carpet and upholstery to help clean after accident-prone residents
    • Grout sealant for messy bathrooms
    • Facility air ducts and exhaust vents to reduce HVAC energy consumption

    • Residents Need Professional Cleaning

      Deep cleaning offers multiple benefits to improve the daily lives of your residents. With floor and vent cleaning, you’ll have a healthier environment rid of pesky irritants like dust mites, pet dander and dirt. You’ll also create a welcoming, tidy place that residents and their families will appreciate. Lastly, professional cleaning extends the life and quality of your facility to keep maintenance and replacement costs down.

    We are prepared to disinfect businesses

    According to the CDC, cleaning is the necessary first step of any disinfection process.

    The CDC recommends hard surface disinfection for high touch surfaces.

    Stanley Steemer uses an EPA Registered Disinfectant Cleaner to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms in order to provide clean, sanitary and healthy commercial spaces.

    This product is a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner that meets the EPA's current criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 when used on hard/non-porous surfaces such as:

    • Railings
    • Counter Tops
    • Door Handles
    • Tables and Desks
    • Bathroom and Kitchen Handles

    This product also disinfects hard/non-porous flooring and is a highly effective cleaner of Soft/Porous Surfaces—including Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery—when used in connection with our proprietary and industry-leading cleaning equipment.

    We also have enhanced our Equipment Disinfection Protocol with the introduction of an additional EPA Antimicrobial Registered Disinfectant which also meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 and other Emerging Viral Pathogens. All cleaning equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every job for the health and safety of our employees and to limit any risk of transfer. This process will be repeated at the end of each workday along with a complete cleaning and disinfection of our service vehicles.

    For more information call 1-800-STEEMER

    Why Us

    Stanley Steemer provides outstanding service and exceptional results for your retirement home.

    1. We are industry leaders and make our own equipment in the US.

      Since 1947, we’ve led the business by continuously innovating our cleaning processes to be the latest and greatest. We clean using our patented equipment that’s proudly manufactured at a Stanley Steemer facility in Dublin, OH. This helps us maintain high levels of quality control to ensure a consistent clean from every location nationwide.

    2. We give free quotes with no obligation.

      To ensure we’re accommodating to the needs of your retirement facility, we come on-site to give an accurate cleaning estimate. This obligation-free estimate allows you to be a close part of our process from start to finish.

    3. We are insured and bonded.

       Protecting your retirement home and investment is a top priority to us which is why we have qualified insurance coverage. Feel at ease knowing you’re taken care of when you choose Stanley Steemer.

    4. We offer maintenance cleaning programs.

      We know retirement home management is a lot of work. We can set up a program based around your schedule to have the facility regularly cleaned. We clean as often as you need whether that’s weekly, monthly or quarterly.

    5. We provide flexible scheduling.

      Occupancy fluctuation means unpredictability for your facility. Quick, effective scheduling by Stanley Steemer guarantees you not only get the clean you need but when you need it. Even weekends.

    6. Our cleaning processes are safe for residents.

      We use EPA Safer Choice cleaning solutions that contain no harsh chemicals. After we clean, you’ll be relieved that no traces of harmful residue will linger behind. Just a safe clean for residents and staff.

    7. Our technicians have the skills and expertise for all things clean.

      All technicians go through an intensive program to be top-level experts in professional cleaning. They can easily identify floor types, pre-test areas for safe practice and determine the appropriate cleaning method unique to your facility.

    8. Our cleaning technology reduces indoor allergens.

      We’re data-backed to remove an average of 94% of allergens from carpet, 96% of allergens from hardwood, and 96.5% of allergens from tile and grout. We also remove years’ worth of dirt and dust buildup in vents using a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum. This can help your residents breathe easier especially for any suffering from asthma or allergy-related symptoms. We also perform free air duct inspections to assess if your retirement home could benefit from professional air duct cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions