Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

As your carpet cleaning professionals for over 75 years, we understand the importance of keeping your business clean for customers and staff alike.

To supplement our deep cleaning services and ensure your business remains clean longer, Stanley Steemer is now proud to provide encapsulation carpet cleaning services.

This low-moisture cleaning service offers a commercial cleaning option that uses up to 98% less water than our hot water extraction method, drastically reducing dry time so you can return to business as usual faster.

Stay cleaner longer with a professional encapsulation cleaning by Stanley Steemer, the leaders in clean since 1947. Schedule a free estimate today!

  • Stay Cleaner Longer

    Stanley Steemer technician applying encapsulant cleaner to surround soil and dirt for easy removal
    • Extend Time Between Cleanings

      Encapsulation cleaning, commonly called low-moisture cleaning, is a service best used as an interim option between professional deep cleanings. While this service does not eliminate the need for deep cleaning or restorative methods like hot water extraction, it can extend the period between these necessary deep cleanings

    • Less Time Drying, More Time Staying Open

      Because encapsulation carpet cleaning relies on a process and equipment that uses up to 98% less water than hot water extraction, dry time is minimal, allowing technicians to clean with little to no interruption to normal business operations

  • A Proven and Reliable Process

    A counter rotating brush machine being used to clean a retail store carpet
    • Quickly Remove Contaminants

      Using power sprayer equipment, our technicians apply a special encapsulant cleaner to all areas of the carpet needing cleaned. The encapsulant formula surrounds dirt and soils to quickly immobilize them for easy removal. This process allows the soils to be removed easier, prevents rapid resoiling, and reduces wicking

    • Refresh Your Space

      A counter rotating brush machine is operated across the carpet to dislodge the encapsulated dirt and debris from deep within the carpet's fibers. When combined with the encapsulant cleaner, the CRB reduces dry time, the potential for wicking, and slip hazards. An added benefit is that the brushes lift the carpet fibers, giving the surface new life

  • The Professionals You Can Trust

    Stanley Steemer technician completing a spot vacuuming process as part of an encapsulation carpet cleaning service
    • Servicing All Industries

      Stanley Steemer has been cleaning businesses for over 75 years. From restaurants to retail, hotels to hospitals, daycares to universities, places of worship, and more, we provide a variety of options to meet your cleaning needs across all industries

    • Superior Customer Support

      We are pleased to provide free estimates for any encapsulation cleaning job—upfront pricing with no strings attached. Our customer support team is available to answer your call 24/7 for scheduling and answering any questions you may have


Our Encapsulation Cleaning Process

  1. Our team begins every encapsulation cleaning with a proper and thorough preinspection. We look for missing carpet fibers, delamination (or separation of the carpet from its backing), loose seams, fraying, unraveling fibers, and any other potential issues
  2. Next, we vacuum the entire surface using commercial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove any loose dirt, debris, and other soils
  3. Once the area has been thoroughly vacuumed, technicians apply our encapsulant cleaner using power sprayers, applying cleaner to all areas needing cleaned. Polymers surround the dirt and soils on the carpet fibers to crystallize and loosen them for simple removal
  4. Then, we operate a counter rotating brush or CRB machine across the carpet to dislodge the encapsulated dirt and debris from deep within the fibers
  5. Once all the encapsulated dirt and debris has been removed, the floor is spot cleaned by vacuum to remove any resulting shedding or fuzz

Stanley Steemer's encapsulation carpet cleaning process is designed to accomodate your hours of operation. Our team serves a variety of industries and will work with you to establish a cleaning schedule with little to no interruption of your business, so you can stay clean—and stay open!


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