Car, Boat & RV Cleaning

We built our reputation on carpet cleaning, but we also apply our cleaning expertise to car cleaning, boat cleaning and RV cleaning as well. We use the same state-of-the-art solutions and equipment to achieve fantastic results, helping you protect your investment.

Call 1-800-STEEMER to schedule your car, boat or RV cleaning to find a participating location near you. After you schedule your appointment, we'll come to you to clean your vehicle. 

Professional Car Cleaning Service

The best car upholstery cleaning.

The upholstery making up your car seats and car carpets takes on some serious wear and tear with hours of carpools and car trips. First, we take our time to carefully examine your car upholstery to find the best car cleaning method. We vacuum each and every crevice of your car to pull out all dirt. Then, to extract dirt and allergens, we use an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution. Finally, when you schedule your appointment, we'll come to you - giving you the best car upholstery cleaning experience possible.

Professional Boat Cleaning Service

Professional boat upholstery cleaning services.

A boat's interior can experience damage from sun, water and sitting around during winter. That's why it's important to hire a professional boat upholstery cleaning company. Boats are often made of water and sun resistant fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, olefin and even vinyl, which can be difficult to clean. We understand the importance of identifying these fabrics because of the probability of sun damage, bleaching and loss of color. To make sure your boat's interior lasts for years to come get your boat professionally cleaned at the end of every boating season. 

Professional RV Cleaning

RV upholstery and tile cleaning.

Looking for RV upholstery cleaning AND RV carpet cleaning? We know it's common for RVs to have several types of flooring and upholstery, which is why Stanley Steemer is your one-stop shop for professional RV cleaning. We remove unsightly discoloration and stains from carpet, hardwood, stone, and tile and grout. We are also experts in cleaning sun and water-resistant fabrics. And, if your RV’s flooring or upholstery has loss of color, mold or mildew, we can use more or less aggressive chemicals to help these common issues.

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