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Area Rug Cleaning

Vacuuming alone won't keep your area rugs free from dirt and allergens. To keep your area rugs clean we recommend a professional rug cleaning. We steam clean area rugs using the same proprietary hot-water extraction method that we’ve been using to clean carpets for more than 70 years. This extracts dirt and allergens from deep within the fibers of your rug and removes them from your home. We achieve these results while still being gentle enough not to damage these decorative floor coverings.
  • Stanley Steemer technician cleaning an area rug with a wand.
    • Our Area Rug Cleaning Equipment

      We use our proprietary hot-water extraction process to extract dirt, stains and allergens from your area rug, along with an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution that doesn’t leave a residue.

    • Free Demonstration

      We offer in-home demonstrations of our area rug cleaning process so you can see it for yourself before you book a cleaning.

    • Careful Inspection

      Our technicians examine area rugs closely for pulls, rips and tears to ensure we don’t cause any further damage while cleaning.

  • Stanley Steemer technician spraying protector on an area rug.
    • Extend the Life of Your Area Rug Cleaning

      To keep your area rug cleaner for longer, we can apply a protector that aids in the prevention of damage from harmful dirt and spills. It even reduces static electricity.

    • Enjoy Increased Durability

      In addition to dirt and spills, our protector also defends against everyday wear and tear like foot traffic and vacuuming.

    • A Must-Have for Pets and Kids

      Area rug protection is a great idea for preserving the results of every cleaning, but we especially recommend it to hoouseholds with kids and pets.

    • Neutralize Odors from Pets, Kids and More

      From food to kids to pets, your home is filled with odors that can become trapped in the fibers of your rug. That’s why we recommend an application of our deodorizer.

    • Don't Mask Area Rug Smells. Remove Them.

      Our deodorizer acts to remove are rug odors, immediately neutralizing them at their source, rather than simply covering up the smell.

    • A Fresh Start for Your Home

      Application of our deodorizer leaves your area rug smelling fresh and clean, making your entire home feel renewed.

    • Clean Area Rugs = Clean Air

      In a home filled with hard surfaces like tile and hardwood, your area rugs are the primary filter for allergens and debris. This makes regular rug cleaning all the more important.

    • Spot Clean Area Rugs With Professional-Grade Products

      Stanley Steemer Professional Carpet and Upholstery Spot Remover quickly and effectively removes most spills and spots around the house.

what to expect from our
area rug cleaning service

  1. Before We Show Up

    Once you’ve scheduled an area rug cleaning, your job is almost done. We’ll handle moving most pieces of furniture. We only ask that you remove fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned and that you secure your pets.

  2. Our Iconic Yellow Van Arrives

    Upon arrival, we’ll inspect the area rug to be cleaned and discuss the whole process with you. Our technicians look closely at your rugs for rips and pulls to ensure we don’t cause any further damage while cleaning. Then, after we've carefully moved your furniture, it’s time to begin.


  3. Now for the fun part

    We’ll clean your area rug using the same proprietary hot-water extraction process we use on carpet. This extracts dirt, stains and allergens with an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution that doesn’t leave a residue.

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Before leaving, we’ll complete a final inspection to make sure you’re happy with your rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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