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Carpet Cleaning Services & More in Ashland, KY

Stanley Steemer of Ashland, KY provides professional deep cleaning services and comprehensive care for a cleaner, healthier home™
1210 Lexington Ave
Flatwoods, KY 41139

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Why Stanley Steemer

Trusted for Over 75 Years

Stanley Steemer is proud to have served homes and businesses across the nation for nearly a century—thank you
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Trained & Certified Technicians

Our team of professional technicians are background-checked and trained to deliver results beyond industry standards
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Proven & Reliable Process

Our proprietary cleaning equipment and comprehensive process ensures your space receives the best clean it's ever seen
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Family-Safe Solutions

Stanley Steemer products are EPA-certified to contain only the safest ingredients for your children and pets
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It's Not Clean Until It's Stanley Steemer Clean

Stanley Steemer can remove the dirt and contaminants you see—and those you don’t—because we understand how it settles into everyday surfaces like carpet, upholstery, air ducts, and more.


Customer Testimonials

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About Our ASHLAND, KY Location

Proud to serve the local community

This carpet cleaner is proud to provide professional cleaning services in Ashland, KY and surrounding areas, including: Adams, KY; Adelphi, OH; Ashcamp, KY; Bays, KY; Beaver, KY; Bourneville, OH; Campton, KY; Cherry Fork, OH; Circleville, OH; Chillicothe, OH; Cromona, KY; Crum, WV; Dover, KY; East Lynn, WV; Germantown, KY; Greenfield, OH; Hagerhill, KY; Jasper, OH; Kingston, OH; Majestic, KY; Paintsville, KY; Rockhouse, KY; Sandy Hook, KY; Tomahawk, KY; Wakefield, OH; Willard, KY; Wrigley, KY and more.

Stanley Steemer of Ashland has built a local reputation for excellent service and professionalism. You can feel confident that your carpet, hardwood, upholstery and more will be expertly cleaned by our highly-training technicians for you and your family to enjoy.
Areas Served
  • Adams, KY
  • Allen, KY
  • Ashcamp, KY
  • Athol, KY
  • Auxier, KY
  • Banner, KY
  • Bays, KY
  • Beattyville, KY
  • Beauty, KY
  • Beaver, KY
  • Beaver, OH
  • Belcher, KY
  • Belfry, KY
  • Bentonville, OH
  • Bethany, KY
  • Betsy Layne, KY
  • Bevinsville, KY
  • Blackey, KY
  • Blaine, KY
  • Blue Creek, OH
  • Blue River, KY
  • Booneville, KY
  • Boons Camp, KY
  • Burdine, KY
  • Bypro, KY
  • Campton, KY
  • Canada, KY
  • Carlisle, KY
  • Carrie, KY
  • Carter, KY
  • Cherry Fork, OH
  • Chillicothe, OH
  • Clayhole, KY
  • Clearfield, KY
  • Coalton, OH
  • Cromona, KY
  • Crum, WV
  • Cynthiana, OH
  • Dana, KY
  • David, KY
  • Deane, KY
  • Debord, KY
  • Dema, KY
  • Denniston, KY
  • Denton, KY
  • Dorton, KY
  • Dover, KY
  • Drift, KY
  • Dunlow, WV
  • Dwale, KY
  • East Lynn, WV
  • East Point, KY
  • Eastern, KY
  • Elizaville, KY
  • Elkfork, KY
  • Elkhorn City, KY
  • Elliottville, KY
  • Emerson, KY
  • Emmalena, KY
  • Ewing, KY
  • Ezel, KY
  • Falcon, KY
  • Farmers, KY
  • Fedscreek, KY
  • Fisty, KY
  • Flatgap, KY
  • Flemingsburg, KY
  • Fords Branch, KY
  • Forest Hills, KY
  • Fort Gay, WV
  • Freeburn, KY
  • Frenchburg, KY
  • Garner, KY
  • Garrett, KY
  • Garrison, KY
  • Genoa, WV
  • Germantown, KY
  • Grahn, KY
  • Grayson, KY
  • Grethel, KY
  • Gunlock, KY
  • Hagerhill, KY
  • Hardy, KY
  • Harold, KY
  • Hazel Green, KY
  • Hellier, KY
  • Hi Hat, KY
  • Hillsboro, KY
  • Hindman, KY
  • Hitchins, KY
  • Hope, KY
  • Huddy, KY
  • Hueysville, KY
  • Inez, KY
  • Isonville, KY
  • Ivel, KY
  • Jackhorn, KY
  • Jackson, KY
  • Jackson, OH
  • Jasper, OH
  • Jenkins, KY
  • Jonancy, KY
  • Keaton, KY
  • Kiahsville, WV
  • Kimper, KY
  • Kite, KY
  • Lackey, KY
  • Langley, KY
  • Latham, OH
  • Leburn, KY
  • Lick Creek, KY
  • Littcarr, KY
  • Lookout, KY
  • Lost Creek, KY
  • Louisa, KY
  • Lovely, KY
  • Lowmansville, KY
  • Lynx, OH
  • Majestic, KY
  • Mallie, KY
  • Manchester, OH
  • Martha, KY
  • Martin, KY
  • Mayking, KY
  • Mayslick, KY
  • Maysville, KY
  • Mazie, KY
  • Mc Andrews, KY
  • Mc Carr, KY
  • Mc Dowell, KY
  • Mc Roberts, KY
  • Meally, KY
  • Means, KY
  • Melvin, KY
  • Minerva, KY
  • Minnie, KY
  • Morehead, KY
  • Mount Sterling, KY
  • Mousie, KY
  • Mouthcard, KY
  • Muses Mills, KY
  • Myra, KY
  • Neon, KY
  • Oak Hill, OH
  • Oil Springs, KY
  • Olive Hill, KY
  • Olympia, KY
  • Owingsville, KY
  • Paintsville, KY
  • Peebles, OH
  • Phelps, KY
  • Phyllis, KY
  • Piketon, OH
  • Pikeville, KY
  • Pilgrim, KY
  • Pine Ridge, KY
  • Pine Top, KY
  • Pinsonfork, KY
  • Pippa passes, KY
  • Plummers Landing, KY
  • Premium, KY
  • Preston, KY
  • Prestonsburg, KY
  • Printer, KY
  • Quincy, KY
  • Raccoon, KY
  • Ransom, KY
  • Raven, KY
  • Redfox, KY
  • Regina, KY
  • River, KY
  • Robinson Creek, KY
  • Rockhouse, KY
  • Rogers, KY
  • Rousseau, KY
  • Royalton, KY
  • Salt Lick, KY
  • Salyersville, KY
  • Sandy Hook, KY
  • Sassafras, KY
  • Seaman, OH
  • Seco, KY
  • Sharpsburg, KY
  • Shelbiana, KY
  • Shelby Gap, KY
  • Shoals, WV
  • Sidney, KY
  • Sitka, KY
  • Soldier, KY
  • South Williamson, KY
  • Staffordsville, KY
  • Stambaugh, KY
  • Stanville, KY
  • Steele, KY
  • Stockdale, OH
  • Stone, KY
  • Stopover, KY
  • Teaberry, KY
  • Thelma, KY
  • Tollesboro, KY
  • Tomahawk, KY
  • Topmost, KY
  • Tram, KY
  • Tutor Key, KY
  • Ulysses, KY
  • Van Lear, KY
  • Vanceburg, KY
  • Vancleve, KY
  • Varney, KY
  • Vest, KY
  • Virgie, KY
  • Wakefield, OH
  • Wallingford, KY
  • Warfield, KY
  • Washington, KY
  • Waverly, OH
  • Wayland, KY
  • Webbville, KY
  • Weeksbury, KY
  • Wellington, KY
  • Wellston, OH
  • West Liberty, KY
  • West Union, OH
  • West Van Lear, KY
  • Wheelwright, KY
  • Whick, KY
  • Whitesburg, KY
  • Willard, KY
  • Williamsport, KY
  • Wilsondale, WV
  • Winchester, OH
  • Wittensville, KY
  • Wrigley, KY
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Stanley Steemer air duct cleaning van parked outside of a residential home

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