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Welcome to Stanley Steemer

Let us properly introduce ourselves!

Yes, we know our name is spelled wrong. And no, we are not owned by a man named Stanley.

In 1947, our founder, Jack A. Bates, invested $2,300 into a home-based carpet cleaning company in Dublin, Ohio and called it Jack Bates Carpet Cleaning.

This is Jack with his original carpet cleaning equipment. When it was operated, the steam reminded Bates of the old steam-propelled automobile manufactured by the Stanley Motor Carriage Company (1902-1924), also known as “the Stanley Steamer.” Bates liked the name, so he made it his own with a slight spelling variation. And STANLEY STEEMER was born!

Today, we are still owned by the Bates family and led by the third generation. Many of our locations across the country are locally-owned and operated by our franchise family. None of them are named Stanley either …. At least not yet!

By the way…

If you visit the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado (the one that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining), you will find yourself driving on Steamer Pkwy to get there. The hotel was also built by the original founders of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company – not by our Jack Bates. (On that note, we had nothing to do with the Bates Motel either!)

Stanley Steemer founder Jack A. Bates