Scary Facts on Why You Should Deep Clean Your Home

Deep cleaning is essential for your home health and your own health. While your house might appear clean, dust, dander and mites can linger where you least expect it. So, we listed out scary facts on why you should deep clean your home. If you don’t, it may come back to haunt you!
Outside of Home with Fall Foliage

Upholstery Can Have More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat

What’s that behind you? It could be the bacteria on the couch you’re sitting on. Our upholstery takes on plenty of daily wear and tear, but that doesn’t even mention all the bacteria, oil and dirt it takes in as well. Professional upholstery cleaning can give it a needed refresh and clean while also enhancing the overall appearance. Watch all the scary movies in comfort when you renew your couches and sectionals.
Couch zoomed into show depiction of bacteria

Hardwood Traps Bacteria on the Surface as Well as in the Seams Between the Boards

What’s creepier than creaky floorboards? Maybe the bacteria that’s hidden in between them. Hardwood floors are often overlooked when it comes to deep cleaning because do-it-yourself solutions seem comparable. Our gentle yet powerful equipment reaches tough dirt and contaminants in around your hardwood where cleaners and cleaning pads can’t reach. On average, our hardwood floor cleaning method can remove 96% of common household allergens. Now that’s scary clean.

A Mattress Has Between 100,000 and 10 Million Dust Mites in It

Realizing all the grossness our mattresses contain can definitely cause some nightmares! With all the hours we spend sleeping, it’s important to understand that vacuuming and washing sheets aren’t enough to keep your mattress in its best condition. Our mattress cleaning service safely cleans and extracts dirt and debris embedded in the seams. Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is revived and rid of pesky allergens.
Mattress zoomed in on a depiction of dust mites

There Is More Bacteria in Front of the Sink Than in a Garbage Can

There’s always horror in the unknown and that goes for the bacteria lingering in your kitchen! You would think a garbage can would be home to more bacteria, but that's shockingly not the case. Your tile and grout is no stranger to this bacteria as well. With our services, we can deep clean your tile and remove 96.5% of allergens on average. Our color sealant can also bring your grout back from the dead and restore life with recoloring.

Every Year We Shed Nearly 9 Lbs of Skin That Easily Makes It Way Into Our Carpets

Thinking of all the skin we shed multiplied by the number of people in your household is enough to make your skin crawl. That combined with dirt, grime, and pet fur that’s tracked into your carpets means your home is due for a clean that goes beyond mere spot cleaning. After our professional carpet cleaning, we can even apply protectant and deodorizer to ward off spills and smells!
Carpet zoomed in on depiction of dander

Each Year the Average Home Collects up to Around 40 Lbs of Dirt, Dust and Allergens That Can Settle Into Your Air Ducts

What’s lurking behind closed doors - or should we say your air ducts! Every year, your vent system sucks in dirt, dust, and pollen that circulates back into the air you breathe. Not to mention the dander that could be left behind from previous owners of the home. Air duct cleaning provides your home with flushed out vents that maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. Afterward, you can see the frightening sight of all the irritants that were once trapped in your ducts! It really is out with the bad and in with the good.

Thinking Your Home Could Use a Deep Clean?

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