Kids Clean: How to Remove Cranberry Sauce from Carpet

In celebration of the holidays and all the wonderful memories and messes that come with them, we have some quick tips on how to remove holiday stains. Our first stain, and one of the trickiest, is how to remove cranberry sauce from carpet.

To accompany our holiday how-to’s we asked kids (who may or may not be the usual culprit of most stains) to clean up the messes they made with common, DIY cleaning agents.

In the video below, Joey gave us his take on how to get this tricky, red spot out of the carpet. Joey didn’t quite get the spot out, but don’t worry, we have cleaning tips from our experts as well.


  1. Scrape up as much of the cranberry sauce as possible
  2. Combine ¼ teaspoon dish soap with one cup water
  3. Spray the solution and let sit for five minutes
  4. Blot up with a clean towel
  5. Add one tablespoon ammonia and two cups water in a measuring cup and flush over spot and blot
  6. Flush with cold water and blot dry