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What is Deep Carpet Cleaning?

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Deep carpet cleaning is the process of going below the carpet exterior to remove dirt, spots, and odors. It is an important component of deep cleaning to cleanse and deodorize the part of the house that endures constant foot traffic and traps in outside contaminants. Many people often mistake this cleaning process with maintenance cleaning, but deep carpet cleaning involves more than just spray bottles and cleaning single-area messes. It even goes beyond vacuuming which reduces surface-level debris on carpets but does little to clean deep-rooted dirt and grime. For the ultimate deep clean, you need to extract dirt and allergens around and within the entirety of the carpet.


Carpet Cleaning Machines


Carpet cleaning machines are a popular way to give your carpets a full-coverage deep clean. Using your muscle power to scrub your carpets is exhaustive and will not get the job done. Also, as mentioned, vacuuming is useful to maintain your floors but it’s not a substitute for deep cleaning. Carpet cleaning machines tend to use a variation of extraction technology to rid carpets of dust and debris that are trapped within the fibers. The level of extraction power these machines exert depend greatly on the kind of machine used and where you get them from. 


Different types of carpet cleaning machines are often found as rentable or purchasable equipment to use on your own or used by trained professionals in the cleaning service industry. Aside from extraction, other factors play a major role in the final cleaning results with different machines such as the cleaning solutions used, the amount of heat applied, and the level of agitation exerted to the carpet. The machine power and cleaning techniques utilized are huge difference makers in the effectiveness of a carpet deep clean.


Carpet Cleaner Rental vs. Professional


Diving deeper into carpet cleaning, it can be hard to choose between a professional deep clean and a DIY deep clean. For carpet deep cleaning, an alternative to professional cleaning services is rental machines. There are several costs and trade-offs to assess when deciding which method is ideal for treating your carpet. Rental machines can seem like a good option as they are the less expensive choice and are easy to acquire at local stores like Walmart, Kroger or Home Depot. However, in the long run, the smarter choice is to invest in a professional cleaning service like Stanley Steemer.


With rental cleaning machines, it’s up to you to research the proper cleaning method to apply to your specific carpet and spots. Different spots and carpet fibers call for different cleaning agents and varying levels of heat, agitation, and drying time. A rental machine usually only has one setting that applies the same heat and agitation to all carpet types and comes with its own cleaning solution that can contain harsh chemicals. This is why rental machines are easy to over wet carpets and can easily lead to fabric damage.


On the flip side, our highly-trained technicians have the industry expertise to inspect and identify the optimal cleaning method to apply to your carpet or spot. With our cleaning process, we understand that removing moisture is just as important in the cleaning process as applying it. Our patented carpet cleaning machines use hot water extraction and can remove on average 82.6% of the moisture from your carpet’s fibers. This process leaves your carpet not only cleaner but also allows your carpet to dry faster and avoid potential damage like pilling.


Plus, you truly have no way of knowing the condition of the last home or space the rental machine cleaned. This leaves a trail of unknowns that question how clean a rental can really make your carpet. It’s a scary sight to look at the bottom of a rental machine and see all the mysterious dirt and hair these machines collect. With rentals, you cannot guarantee the cleanliness and effectiveness of the products you bring into your home. It can lead to the spread of dirt, grime, and odors from other people’s houses. 


Dirty DIY rental carpet cleaning machine


With Stanley Steemer, you are guaranteed high-quality equipment that is thoroughly maintained. After each service, our technicians are trained to clean the wands and machines to get rid of the previous home’s mess.


A deep clean from a professional can save you the risk and trouble of dirtying up your carpets even more. Rental machines require you to put in all the work without the best results. They also tend to be single-use and can only clean carpet. You would have to rent more equipment if you wanted to clean other floorings like hardwood or tile. 


Our technicians come prepared with an entire van of equipment and solutions to take on multiple flooring types. At Stanley Steemer, our specialized cleaning equipment can clean and treat floorings such as carpet, tile and grout, hardwood, natural stone, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), linoleum, area rugs, and oriental rugs. Our powerful cleaners can remove 96% of allergens from hardwood and 96.5% of allergens from tile. The investment ensures a cleaner home and helps you breathe easy. See the difference for yourself.


Home Carpet Cleaners


After looking at some of the downfalls of rental carpet cleaning machines, it can seem like a great alternative to buy your own home carpet cleaner. This would definitely avoid the problem of bringing a stranger’s filth into your home and the machine would be at your fingertips whenever you need it. However, it still poses many of the same setbacks as rentals. With a purchased carpet cleaner, you still need to figure out how to clean your specific carpet or spot. For tougher spots, you may not know if you should use slow or quick strokes or how many times to run the machine over the carpet. Like rentals, using an incorrect treatment and technique can cause permanent damage to your carpet’s fibers and leave behind residue.


Additionally, many of these machines are labeled as “light-weight” but often can be strenuous to use on your own especially if your home has stairs or you’re physically impaired. Short extension cords and small water tanks can make cleaning your carpets a hassle as you have to continuously stop to refill the tank and switch outlets. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows you to relax as skilled and equipped technicians tackle the job and avoids the issue of mistreating your carpet. At Stanley Steemer, we even move as much furniture out of the way as possible to get all the hard-to-reach surfaces. 


Lastly, these machines can be a pricey investment for a product that can need repairs in as little as a few months of use. You also need to maintain the cleanliness of the machine like cleaning off the bristles tangled with hair and sanitizing the water tank. Not doing so will result in the spread of dirt and debris similar to a rental except it will be your own, older messes.


Attachments and Spot Cleaners


Many brands that are commonly known for home carpet cleaners or rentals also offer cleaning attachments and spot cleaners for furniture and upholstery. Like the carpet cleaning machines, rented or added attachments face similar problems. These attachments are poorly maintained and can ruin certain upholstery if they’re misused. Additionally, they collect unknown filth like pet hair or dandruff that you can end up lathering all over your chairs, couches, and ottomans.


Our Stanley Steemer technicians carefully inspect the fabric of the upholstery to determine the best cleaning method for that material whether it’s leather, polyester, wool or microfiber. We have the skills and expertise to create the optimal clean. As we do for carpet cleaning, we even use EPA Safer Choice solutions, so your furniture is left without traces of harmful chemicals. With a professional deep clean from our crew, you’re left mess free and worry-free. 



In the end, choosing a rental machine or purchasing your own carpet cleaner means you’re spending money on an ineffective solution. Professionals deliver a deep clean that can help extend the life and quality of your carpet and upholstery. The choice is yours, but we know which one we’d make!


For deep carpet cleaning from our expert technicians, call 1-800-STEEMER or visit our online scheduling tool for professional cleaning services near your area!

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