Water Damage Tips

Water damage only gets worse as time goes on. That’s why it’s critical to address the problem sooner rather than later. Here’s a closer look at the effects of water damage over time:
  • In less than one hour, moving water quickly spreads to other areas. Furniture could permanently stain your carpet; moisture-sensitive furniture might discolor; and paper goods are ruined.
  • In the first 24 hours, furniture delaminates or swells and legs can split; pressed wood swells and disintegrates; bacterial odor is noticeable; uncoated metal surfaces may tarnish; and normal household odors gain strength.
  • In 2 to 7 days, microbial growth may appear, along with a musty odor. Musical instruments swell and warp, while drywall swells and disintegrates. Even uncoated metal surfaces begin to rust. Door and window casings swell and distort or delaminate, and wood decking and studs begin to swell, warp or split. At this point, electronic components may malfunction. Even worse, people with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems may experience signs of distress.
  •  In one week or longer, microbial growth may appear, along with a musty odor. Wood components warp and split, while chemicals in the wood begin to dissolve, discolor and destroy the finishes. During this time, claim costs begin to skyrocket and serious occupant health hazards may occur.

At Stanley Steemer, we simply can’t over-emphasize the importance of addressing water damage as quickly as possible. Refer to Stanley Steemer’s tips for what to do before the experts arrive, but don’t wait to call in the professionals. Too many things can go wrong if the problem is neglected or you try to clean it up yourself. Even worse, don’t rely on non-certified technicians. Cleaning up water damage is not a job for amateurs. Call the pros at Stanley Steemer instead.

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