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The Service Visit

A Visit From the Yellow Truck

Now that you realize that a clean ventilation system is vital to your health and well-being—and that it can also benefit your wallet—it’s time to prepare for the service visit. Rest assured that our trained technicians will take care of the dirty stuff, freeing you from the mess—and the hassle. One thing is certain: You’ll be breathing a whole lot easier once we’ve cleaned your air ducts and vents.

A typical ventilation system cleaning takes about three to five hours, and that includes a system with one furnace and between 15 and 20 vents. Additional time may be needed depending on the size of the ventilation system, the number of furnaces and vents, the condition of the system, and the services that are completed.

Most households need their air ducts cleaned every three to five years, but several factors should be considered to determine frequency. This includes whether your home is newly constructed or if you’ve recently completed any remodeling or renovations in the home. Post-construction debris like drywall dust and sawdust can build up and settle in your HVAC system. When this occurs, more frequent cleanings may be necessary. Also, dust, mold, fungi and bacteria can collect in ventilation systems, triggering certain allergens and even negatively affecting your health.

Don’t waste time wondering if your air ducts need to be cleaned. Call Stanley Steemer to schedule a free inspection and consultation. The entire process can be performed in a few hours, with little or no disruption to your day. You benefit from Stanley Steemer’s superior equipment, trained technicians and quality service.

We promise you’ll be happy with the results.

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Customer Testimonials
Good Morning!
My name is Rochelle McCain and I wanted to personally let you know how well I was treated while visiting Stanley Steemer on Monday, September 17th. I had had a terrible weekend when I discovered that colored copy paper had bled onto one of my black leather seats in my automobile. After making many calls to various places of business that were supposed to be auto interior specialist, without much luck, I was finally referred to try Stanley Steemer. After explaining my problem to the receptionist Katy (may have the name wrong) she spoke with her manager Robert Burns. Who in turn suggested that I bring my car in so he could take a look at it. Mr. Burns was very friendly, polite and very helpful. And he was able to pretty much remove all of the stain out of my seat! I was already excited and relieved that the stain was removed from my seat, however, when I went back into the office to pay for the services, Mr. Burns had the receptionist issue me an invoice with a $0 balance!! There was no charge!! I can’t thank him enough. Customers are so quick to complain when something isn’t right, but very rarely say a word when they are satisfied. Therefore, I wanted to personally let you know that I am a very satisfied customer and to give a compliment to your staff and a special thanks to Mr. Robert Burns.
Thanks, Rochelle M., Saginaw, MI

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