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Recommended Cleaning Schedule

A Regular Schedule for Cleaner Air

Regular vent care and duct care in your home is vital for your health—and one of the best reasons to schedule regular air duct cleanings. Once the dust “bunnies” invade your home, it’s tough to win the battle. Just when you think you’ve conquered them with the vacuum or mop, they’re back, spreading unhealthy bacteria, fungi and mold throughout the house. Considering that 40,000 dust mites can thrive in only one ounce of dust, it’s a problem you’d rather live without—especially people with allergies. A professional cleaning of your entire ventilation system is the only sure way to evict those pesky dust “bunnies.”

But there’s another reason to make sure that proper vent care and duct care is at the top of your list—and it has to do with your wallet. When dirt and debris builds up in the ventilation system, it prevents the air from flowing freely. As a result, the entire system is forced to work harder, which means it costs more to operate. Over time the problem only gets worse. A professional air duct cleaning is the only solution.

Now that you know regular professional air duct cleanings are necessary for your health and well being, how do you determine when they should occur? As a rule of thumb, most households require vent care and duct care every three to five years, but several factors should be considered to determine frequency. For instance, if you’ve recently remodeled or renovated your home, post-construction debris like drywall dust and sawdust can build up and settle in your HVAC system. When this occurs, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

Whatever the case, Stanley Steemer offers free inspections of your ventilation system, and that’s the surest way to determine if you’re due for a clean-up. Don’t hold your breath, hoping the mop or vacuum will provide adequate vent care and duct care. Let our trained professionals conduct a thorough cleaning of your entire ventilation system—today.

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Customer Testimonials
I used to use you all the time, probably 8-10 years ago. However, a friend had his own carpet cleaning company so I used him out of loyalty. Well, over time I have become less and less satisfied and decided to use you again.
WOW! how I miss you and how I forgot what an excellent job you do! Lesson learned....I am definitely back. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent service. Your technicians were the best and treated me like a valued customer.
C. Satterstrom, Encinitas, CA

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