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Hardwood Floor Deep Clean

Deep Clean: Beyond the Surface

You don’t always see it, but you can be sure it’s there. We’re talking about the dirt and grime that hides in the crevices of your hardwood floors. Your cleaning crew may use a mop or broom to clean the surface, but that is only a temporary fix and it does not extract any deep, ground-in dirt. In fact, it typically only moves the dirt around. A thorough, professional deep cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and grit from wearing down the finish.

When you want to protect your investment—and restore the shine to your hardwood floors—call the professionals. Settle for nothing but the best: Stanley Steemer hardwood floor cleaning.

The deep clean process begins with a thorough analysis and consultation. Next, our trained technicians prepare your floor by removing any surface debris, vent covers and baseboards, if necessary, and then vacuuming it. They use our high-speed rotary brush and commercial-strength cleaning agent to break up the tough dirt and residue on your floors. Then, squeegees trap the dirt, and a powerful, self-contained vacuum collects both dirt and excess cleaning solution.

Our technicians take it a step further by hand cleaning the edges and corners that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Then they use powerful equipment to go over the surface a second time to remove any loose buildup. Next, they spray your floor with clean water to return it to a neutral state. Finally, they restore the pH balance to your floor by applying a final professional-grade wood cleaner. This extracts any remaining dirt and contaminants that were loosened during the previous steps.

To ensure proper care, our technicians will provide you with information about proper floor maintenance. They understand that your floors are a significant investment and a reflection of your business. Stanley Steemer wood floor cleaning is designed to protect your investment and project a positive, professional image.

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Customer Testimonials
Good Morning!
My name is Rochelle McCain and I wanted to personally let you know how well I was treated while visiting Stanley Steemer on Monday, September 17th. I had had a terrible weekend when I discovered that colored copy paper had bled onto one of my black leather seats in my automobile. After making many calls to various places of business that were supposed to be auto interior specialist, without much luck, I was finally referred to try Stanley Steemer. After explaining my problem to the receptionist Katy (may have the name wrong) she spoke with her manager Robert Burns. Who in turn suggested that I bring my car in so he could take a look at it. Mr. Burns was very friendly, polite and very helpful. And he was able to pretty much remove all of the stain out of my seat! I was already excited and relieved that the stain was removed from my seat, however, when I went back into the office to pay for the services, Mr. Burns had the receptionist issue me an invoice with a $0 balance!! There was no charge!! I can’t thank him enough. Customers are so quick to complain when something isn’t right, but very rarely say a word when they are satisfied. Therefore, I wanted to personally let you know that I am a very satisfied customer and to give a compliment to your staff and a special thanks to Mr. Robert Burns.
Thanks, Rochelle M., Saginaw, MI

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