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Leather Cleaning

Even Leather Gets Dirty

Never underestimate the value of professional leather furniture cleaning. Leather furniture takes on the same tough dirt, grime and pollutants. It may not be as noticeable, but you know it’s there. And, it’s interesting to note that leather furniture also suffers from lost moisture and softness over time. Store-bought cleaners and conditioners may provide some immediate relief, but they can also cause long-term damage. What your leather furniture really needs is professional expertise from the trained technicians at Stanley Steemer.

When it comes to leather furniture cleaning, our professionals use safe, professional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors to clean your furniture and bring it back to life. Your furniture suffers no harmful side effects. Instead, they get the dirt out—and beauty is restored to the leather.

For a clean that's more than skin deep

Leather furniture cleaning is no different than regular upholstery cleaning in that it helps to extend the life of your investment. By getting our trained technicians involved, you can be sure that your furniture is getting the proper care and attention that it needs. They will take care of your furniture, while you tend to other matters—like running a business. It’s really that simple.

Our trained leather specialists use a proprietary system to clean and moisturize your leather.

  • First, they apply and then remove a cleaner that wipes out damaging soils.
  • The leather is then heated to open the pores and accept the moisturizer.
  • They can also re-heat the leather and apply an optional protector that actually fills the cracks where soil typically settles.

Although our leather furniture cleaning removes the soil, it cannot correct the damage that soil may have already caused. Our free demo helps you understand the potential outcome of the cleaning. Certain extreme cases may require restoration in addition to cleaning.

Restore the shine and softness to your leather furniture with regular leather furniture cleaning from the professionals at Stanley Steemer. Call us today.

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Customer Testimonials
They came out and cleaned my carpets and everything went unbelievably great. I was amazed at how good of a job they did and it was so clean. I have had other cleaners that did not do a good job. I will use Stanley Steemer again soon. Leonard R., Towson, MD

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